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About RFH

What is RFH?

Think of the Robinson Family History website as the hub of the family wheel. As family members are added to the site, the spokes of the wheel will lengthen and widen until a picture of the relations resembles a wheel. Quickly there will be more wheels representing more families as marriages, births, and relations grow beyond our immediate families. Yes, we will include all the inlaws too!

About The RFH Site

As we begin our journey, the RFH site will provide tools for you to use in your search. Communicating with other like-minded family members researching their family trees is key to the success of the site. To learn more, ask questions, share information, and visit the site often. We will start by adding some obituaries, pictures, and memories of our loved ones who have already passed. Your participation is needed to assist us in making sure the information is correct.

A plan of next steps and action items will be posted on connecting pages. Please make suggestions, offer ideas and communicate with us through the contact page.