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We Have Been So Blessed

Job, 1; 21: says "The Lord gave, and The Lord hath taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord.

When Tim was born or given to us as a family it seems he was dealt an unfair or bad hand so far as his health was concerned. Some doctors told our parents he would probably not live to be an adult. Well, he beat those odds; Tim was less than a month from his 63rd birthday.

In spite of his health, Tim tried to work a job and did so for many years until his health would not allow him to continue working. He was dependent on others for the majority of his life and he certainly did not like it and sometimes he was not very gracious about it; to tell the truth, he was downright ornery and hard to get along with; but he was our family and we loved him anyway, as many of you did.

This past week has reminded me of how blessed as a family we have been not only by a gracious Heavenly Father but by the many friends and family we have. Not only this week but throughout Tim's life, we have had the privilege of the generosity and prayers of friends and family such as yourselves and many others who are no longer with us. For all of this, we are truly grateful and we hope this small token of words can express a thank you that cannot be put into words.

The Lord gave and now the Lord has taken away, so let us be thankful for every blessing of family and friends because next to an intimate personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ nothing can take the place of that blessing.

Again, thank you for your support with your prayers, thoughts, and donations not only in this time of need but throughout Tim's lifetime.

We are truly blessed!

The Robinson Family